P T Omalleys

  1. P T O’malley’s Reviews

    East Lansing
    210 Abbott Rd
    Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (14 Reviews)


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    Review by Nicole W.
    This place is the jam. PTs…you are so right.

    The right crowd, the right music.
    The right amount of space for playing quarters, and the right amount of…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Brad O.
    Never coming back to this place. Bouncers are rude and straight up pricks. I walked out to smoke and they would not let me back in because they thought I…
    Rating: 1

    Review by Erica D.
    P.T.’s is made for the drunken dancer. That would be me.

    The place is packed full of the freshest, newest legal drinkers, but people are generally less…
    Rating: 4

  2. T Mobile Frandor Shopping Center Reviews

    518 Frandor Ave
    Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

    Review by Misi P.
    I used to have Sprint, for many years, and I won’t lie – Sprint had great plans and cool phones. Their customer serivce sucked though. So I got T-Mobile….
    Rating: 4

  3. T Styles II Reviews

    East Lansing
    MSU Union
    Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

    Review by Brad C.
    Closed permanently due to losing lease.
    Rating: 5

    Review by Kevin S.
    Nestled in the basement of the MSU Union, T-Styles II is my favorite place to get my hair cut in East Lansing. It has an urban feel – something I had never…
    Rating: 5

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